Who hasn’t fantasized about what it would be like to join a flock of geese over head as they fly south? You can feed that fantasy, as you follow along on the healing journey of an injured goose, named Wascana. The author draws not only from personal experience growing up in Canada, but from a long career spent bringing healing care to the many sick and injured that cross her path. The result is a delightful book that helps to teach positive values like compassion and caring, and what it means to be a friend; all while having fun along the way.
The author is local to my area, so you won’t see a “verified purchase” by my name. Instead I chose to purchase a signed copy of the book at a local event. Reading books to my children are among my fondest memories. I appreciate that the author chose to write a meaningful book with wholesome values, instead of another book of meaningless silliness that comprise so many children’s books. If you have a little one to read to, or just want a gift book, this would be a fine, attractive book to add to your collection.